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This Week Fragemrocks Killer Award Goes To

duellogo.jpg (16339 bytes)

Here at Fragemrock we try and play all the latest mods good and bad, but only the good ones make it to the lime light, and Duel is one of the best around.

Duel is so simple, you do not need to download any files, apart from the optional map pack as some servers run these maps. Just find a Duel server and connect, the easiest way is to use Gamespy.

Duel is based on a 1 on 1 Deathmatch, which should sort the men out from the boys. Once connected to a Duel server you just choose a level, get your self ready , wait for the 10 second count down to finish and then respawn to start the carnage and blood fest. 

For more info. just vist the Duel Website.


Piccy Of The Week
quake001.jpg (54100 bytes) Here is what happens when you let a Crakhor into a game she just can't control herself. This was taken from an Action Quake server.

"I was so busy laughing that seconds later I was shot in the
back of the head."

Thanks to Robert Beeston for this cool screen shot.

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